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Welcome to the Biofluid Mechanics Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan. Students and faculty affiliated with our laboratory engage in a variety of scientific endeavors which have, as a common base, the underlying principles of fluid mechanics and transport processes. Our work involves investigations of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and ocular systems using both experimental (benchtop & animal) and theoretical (analytical & computational) approaches. Members of our group work on both fundamental fluid mechanics problems, usually motivated by the physiological application, and on medical applications, often in collaboration with clinical investigators. In many instances combining both experimentation and theory allows us to understand and interpret experimental data in a mechanistic framework, as well as predict/suggest and evaluate new treatment modalities to the medical community. As evidence of our broad approach, our work is supported by agencies which span a variety of scientific communities - NIH, NSF, NASA and the Whitaker Foundation. We hope you enjoy these pages and feel free to contact us on any and all topics that may interest you.

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