Prof. Mycek's Biomedical Optical Diagnostics Laboratory

In our laboratory, our objective is to improve human health through research and education in Biomedical Optics, a multidisciplinary field incorporating elements of the physical and life sciences, engineering, and medicine. Prof. Mycek's translational ("bench to bedside") research program in Biomedical Optics involves developing and applying methods of optical science and engineering to quantitatively probe living cells and tissues, with the goal of impacting patient care via the development of non- and minimally-invasive biomedical optical diagnostic technologies.

To achieve this goal, the research strategy we employ has three major approaches, which proceed in parallel and are closely related to one another: (1) Biomolecular Imaging (basic, pre-clinical studies on model systems); (2) Clinical Biosensing (applied, clinical studies on human tissues); (3) Computational Modeling. The Biomedical Optical Diagnostics Laboratory in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan has both the infrastructure and the multi-disciplinary expertise to permit this general approach.